The Dam of Sungapan


The Dam of Sungapan has been an iconic asset of Sungapan Village since the colonial times. It had been established since 1888, the discovery of the inscription have became an written evidence in the establishment that is still not revealed the truth. It intended as a source of community life long ago. Water utilization is also aimed to farming area. As we can see the area of village almost two of thirds is the area of paddy field. Therefore, livelihood in the village of Sungapan Village was dominated by farmers.

The river existence that empties into the dam has been flowing the water very well. Due to the abundant availability of water, not only the prosperous rice field area but also other life sources such as water for bathing, household cleaning, or it can be a simple entertainment to play water for the children of the village.

The dam that is placed on the edge of this village has indeed given a million benefits to the local community, but over time, new innovations are needed to further increase the use value of the river. With the potential and consistent cooperation between citizens and local government is expected to dam effort as a tourist destination will soon come the realization well, especially the existence of the tomb of Mbah Benowo that will add its own value in the use of religious tourism in the Sungapan Village.

Written by: Marwa W.

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